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Learn to Skate

Skate to your inner amazing. Skate to great!!

Our Learn to Skate classes offer something for everyone from first steps on the ice to mastering advanced techniques.  The curriculum follows solid skill development techniques based on the ABCs of basic athleticism: Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. A progressive system, that upon completion of the program, allows skaters to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Our Mission
To provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating.

Our Objectives

  • Teach the fundamentals of ice skating while building confidence and skills
  • Provide a curriculum that ensures success from the first steps on the ice to the mastery of advanced skills
  • Promote the health and fitness benefits of ice skating
  • Equip each participant with the foundation necessary to reach their skating goals

Young Beginners Classes

First Steps: Ages 2-4
A class for independent pre-school aged children that focuses on gently acquainting skaters with the ice and developing coordination in a creative and playful environment. Helmet and mittens strongly recommended.

Parent Tot: Ages 2-4
A parent participation version of our First Steps class for young beginners. Parents should be sufficiently comfortable on ice skates to assist their child. Children who can move and get up on their own should register for First Steps or Snowplow Sam. Helmet and mittens strongly recommended.

Snowplow Sam: Ages 4-5
A set of introductory classes divided into four progressive levels allowing children with no prior skating experience to build confidence while learning the basic skills of skating. First time skaters will learn basic balance, proper falling and getting up, beginning forward skating and two foot glides. The progression through the Snowplow levels will include beginning backward skating, forward and backward swizzles, and snowplow stops. Helmet and mittens/gloves strongly recommended.

Pre-Hockey: Ages 4-7
Intended for children who are enthusiastic about hockey. Skaters will learn balance, basic forward and backward skating, glides, stops, turns and beginning crossovers. Required equipment includes hockey skates, hockey helmet w/ face cage, shin guards, hockey gloves and a stick.

Group Lesson Classes

Teaches the fundamentals of ice skating and provides the best foundation for figure skating and hockey. Six progressive levels introduce forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers and turns. 

Basic Skills 1-2: Ages 6+
Allow new skaters with little to no experience to learn basic forward skating, beginning and backward skating, one and two foot glides and much more.

Basic Skills 3-4: Ages 6+
The progression to levels 3 & 4 includes forward and backward stroking, forward crossovers, three turns and footwork combinations.  

Basic Skills 5-6: Ages 6+
Skaters in level 5 & 6 will work on skills including backwards crossovers, hockey stops, edge work, three-turns, bunny hops and more.  

Junior Figure Skating Academy
For skaters in Basic Skills Level 4 & Above
An accelerated program designed for skaters interested in becoming figure skaters that meet three time a week.  Throughout the course of the program, skaters will work towards moving through basic skills levels into the freestyle levels with concentration on jumps, spins and connecting moves.  These skaters will also be encourages to participate in shows and local basic skills competitions and performances. 

Adult 1 - 2: Ages 16+
It is never too late to learn to skate!  Level 1 is intended for absolute beginners. Skills such as balance, beginning forward skating, glides, stops and basic backward movement are introduced.  Skaters who are comfortable moving on the ice will progress to Level 2 and will learn basic turns, crossovers and backward skating. 

For more information, please contact Valerie Murray at 

Please check back in the beginning of July for more details on the next Season of Learn to Skate Program.